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Positive Qualities To Look For in an Attorney

Positive Qualities To Look For in an Attorney

Whether you’re going through a divorce or fighting a traffic ticket, the right legal representation can be a great benefit to you. While it is important to remain alert for warning signs, keep your eyes peeled for these positive qualities as you look for an attorney.

Communication Skills

Does your attorney break down the legalese for you and translate it into easily understandable terms? Good for them! A high-quality lawyer wants their client to be part of the legal process as much as possible. They should be able to explain complex legal concepts in a way that’s accessible to the rest of us.

Relevant Experience

Many lawyers have some experience in a variety of legal areas; choose one that’s practiced for a while in the niche you need them for. When you meet a lawyer for the first time, ask about their track record. An attorney who’s accustomed to winning will put your mind at ease.


If you ask your attorney about their track record and they get cagey or refuse to answer, there could be something shady going on. Stick with a lawyer who is open and honest with you.

Passion for Justice

A lawyer who loves their job and constantly works to improve and learn more about the law will work hard to represent you. Hire an attorney who cares deeply, both about your case and the legal field in general.

Genuine Compassion

Does your attorney listen to your story, taking notes and asking questions when applicable? If so, that speaks to a kind and compassionate personality. Ruth Bader Ginsburg once advised law students they should use their degrees to “make things a little better for other people.” Attorneys who follow her sound advice will be an asset to you in the courtroom.

Creative Thinking

Law isn’t just a science—it’s also an art form. Creating effective legal strategies and carrying them out requires both knowledge and creativity. A good attorney can pivot when necessary and come up with strategic solutions to unexpected roadblocks.

When you meet with an attorney, don’t spend the whole meeting on the lookout for red flags. Look for positive qualities in your lawyer as well! An attorney with these traits can help you win your case with compassion and savvy.

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