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Security Tips for New Prospective Renters for 2022

Security Tips for New Prospective Renters for 2022

It can be tough to keep track of everything if it’s your first time renting an apartment. With moving concerns, unpacking, and finagling rent money for the next month, a lot is on your mind during this period. However, safety needs to be your top priority. Check out our apartment safety tips for new prospective renters in 2022 to find out more.

Research Local Crime

Location, location, location. This matters when you’re going apartment hunting. Check out the area’s local crime quotient before you call the place your home. Also, talk to residents. They’re likely to be honest about their living conditions. Police officers and local business owners will also be forthright with you. This is a crucial apartment safety tip if you’re a new prospective renter that you shouldn’t ignore.

Note the Upkeep

There are many advantages to living in a single-bedroom apartment by yourself. However, if you’ll be living alone, you need to have all your ducks in a row. Are things not on the up and up? You can easily fix burnt-out light bulbs, leaky faucets, and peeling paint, but it could mean that your landlord isn’t as attentive as they could be.

If they can easily fix these small annoyances, why aren’t they fixed? Make notes about signs of poor maintenance. Broken fences, peeling paint, and worn carpets are all red flags. Ask your landlord if they’re willing to fix these things before you move in.

Check the Doors

Do your doors have a peephole, chain lock, or cameras around the entrance of the apartment? These are your security measures, so the more of these you have, the more secure the grounds will be. Ask the building management how often they change the keys and key codes. Otherwise, your previous tenant might be able to access your apartment without your permission. You’ll also want to consider any emergency exits.

Check the Windows

Your windows are another line of defense against security issues. Are they sturdy? Are the locks easy to use? Are they secure from the outside, with bars to prevent break-ins?

These are some things you should look out for when renting an apartment, and you shouldn’t neglect them. Learn to be mindful of your surroundings, and you should be fine.

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