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3 Interesting Facts About Food Packaging

3 Interesting Facts About Food Packaging

When we think of our favorite foods, most of us probably aren’t wondering about what kind of packaging is wrapped around them. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t a lot of interesting facts to explore about food packaging. In fact, the way we package our food is much more fascinating than you may realize. Join us in a brief exploration of cool food packaging factoids.

#1. Agriculture Sector Uses Most of the US’s Cardboard Boxes

Did you know that the agricultural sector uses the majority of cardboard boxes circulating in the US? When we think of cardboard boxes, we’re more likely to think about U-Hauls, Christmas presents, or receiving packages from our favorite online stores.

But nearly half of all cardboard (or corrugated boxes) produced yearly are used to transport crops from farms to grocery stores. From there, some of them are reused in places like thrift stores, donation centers, and the like. Even so, the fact that most cardboard boxes in circulation are intended for farmed food and crops is pretty wild.

#2. Package Type Affects Food Freshness and Safety

Another interesting fact is that the packaging used to store food impacts its freshness. For instance, certain studies suggest that packaging veggies and fruit in cardboard offset the spread of natural bacteria that might cause these products to deteriorate faster.

On the other hand, plastic food packaging is excellent for ensuring the freshness of things like:

  • Takeout
  • Soda
  • Candy

If you ask us, it’s pretty cool that different foods stay fresh with various kinds of food packaging.

#3. Packaging Impacts Our Perception of Food

The packaging used for different food products doesn’t just impact freshness. It also affects the way we perceive certain items. Like every other product on the planet, the way that food is packaged can impact how appealing it seems. To illustrate, say you love cheese pizza.

You’re given a choice between a slightly more expensive cheese pizza packaged in a sturdy cardboard box or a cheaper option stuffed into a flimsy plastic bag that can’t hold it together. Which do you choose? Most people would go with the packaging that makes the pizza look more appetizing.

This is a perfect example of how food packaging can impact the way we see our food. In short, food packaging can be fascinating when you look closer. Hopefully, this brief guide sheds some light on some of the more interesting aspects of food packaging.

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