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How To Transport Video Equipment to Your New Studio

How To Transport Video Equipment to Your New Studio

Moving into a new video production studio is an exciting opportunity to expand or shift your operation in a fresh way. Between the old studio and the new one, a lot can happen that causes equipment to break or accrue damage in some form.

This doesn’t mean you have to replace all your equipment when moving into a new studio. Visit the guide below to see how to transport video equipment to your new studio in a way that maximizes efficiency and minimizes damage.

Break Out the Measuring Tape

To ensure everything fits perfectly on the ride to the new studio, you’ll need to prepare precise measurements. Thus, be sure you have a measuring tape by your side for this whole process. That way, you can measure the storage space within the vehicle transporting the equipment and compare that to the equipment and storage case sizes.

This step will help you plan your trip to the new studio with absolute precision, whether the move will take one trip or several. Moreover, having the measurements written down creates a great reference point during the packing process, especially if you run into any issues and need to double-check item dimensions to find a solution.

Pack With a Hard Case

It goes without saying that sticking your lenses, camera, and other essential gear in a loose plastic bag isn’t the most secure transportation method. So how do you choose the right tool for any given piece of studio hardware?

First, ensure you have hard-shell cases for any fragile and high-quality equipment. In addition, padding the items with common shipping materials, like bubble wrap, provides more protection from sliding or banging around in its container on the way to the new studio. Due to the risk of damage during this process, prioritizing secure equipment transportation is one of the best tips for maintaining professional video equipment.

Make a List, Check It Twice

Making a checklist might sound like a fairly simple tip, but in this context, there’s a reason it’s particularly important. Video production studios contain a wide range of items in their inventory, including cameras, lenses, light bulbs, tripods, soft boxes, follow focus systems, etc. Plus, you may have various types of each equipment, depending on how unique each shoot will be. Thus, keeping track of everything can be challenging, and it’s easy to misplace items during the trip to a new studio.

If you don’t want to find yourself frustrated when looking for a specific lens only to realize that you forgot to pack it, make a checklist. So learn how to transport video equipment to your new studio by checking the inventory list before and after the trip. As a result, you will keep track of all your items as they travel to your new studio, where you and your equipment can use the new space to its fullest.

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