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Mistakes That Keep You From Getting Better at Lock Picking

Mistakes That Keep You From Getting Better at Lock Picking

If you want to master anything, it takes both time and practice. You must hone your skills, but sometimes you also need to take a step back and reflect on your progress. This is true for lock picking.

It’s healthy to take breaks to digest all you have learned and think deeply about what you know to fully understand it. Here are mistakes that keep you from getting better at lock picking. Knowing them can help you continue to progress well in your abilities.

Don’t Overwork Yourself

The first mistake that lock pickers in training who want to become locksmiths make is that they spend hours on the same lock. It can become frustrating figuring things out and thinking that you’ve made progress, only to find out that you’re actually stuck.

Getting stuck is part of the process, but it can be hard to see that when you’re discouraged. So ensure you’re not putting too much energy into one lock and lock style. You can always come back to it, and you will master it eventually.

Don’t Bite Off Too Much

It’s easy to get ahead of yourself and believe that you have things under control when, in reality, you’re still very green to lock picking. The basics are things that you need to spend a lot of time perfecting. Starting with a simple style lock that you can practice with over and over will familiarize you with the style of lock you’re working on and the feel of what it’s like to pick a lock. This beginning is where you’ll truly pick up your skills.

Ease Up a Bit

Sometimes, you may make the mistake of putting too much of yourself into your work. If you have too much tension on the lock with your tools, you might keep the mechanism locked up.

So make sure you’re taking your time and feeling it out. Not pushing yourself too hard on the lock and allowing it to work through things as you maneuver it yourself can be all you’ll need to succeed.

These have been some extremely common mistakes that keep you from getting better at lock picking to help you on your journey. Remember, things don’t usually happen all at once, so you’ll have to be patient with this and stay resilient to see the fruit of your labor.

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