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Increasing Water Efficiency for Cannabis Cultivation

Increasing Water Efficiency for Cannabis Cultivation

Many areas of the US and the world are experiencing severe and historical droughts. These adverse conditions make water efficiency and conservation some of the top cannabis harvesting trends for 2022 and beyond.

Our guide breaks down some emerging methods for increasing water efficiency in cannabis cultivation that many growers use to ensure healthy crops.

Reuse Irrigation Water

One of the most effective methods for increasing water efficiency in cannabis cultivation is reusing nutrient-rich irrigation water. Many areas have regulations regarding dumping wastewater into sewers—so instead, put that leftover water to good use.

Many cultivators are figuring out how to use wastewater again with storage tanks that hold the irrigation runoff. You can mix the runoff with fresh water to create a blend that can be used again for watering crops.

Use Soil Sensors for Irrigation

Determining which crops and areas need more water can be a challenge for cannabis cultivators, especially those growing crops for the first time. One of the best ways to ensure you’re concentrating water where it needs to go is with soil irrigation sensors.

Many cultivators are putting these sensors in their soil throughout their crops to help determine which plants are getting the water they need and which are going thirsty. With these sensors, you can tinker with your irrigation strategy and identify water problems before they ruin the crop.

Use an Automated Watering System

Once you’ve got your irrigation strategy set with the help of soil sensors, you should also consider using an automated watering system for greater efficiency. You may use your green thumb to touch and feel the cannabis crop to determine how much water the plants need, but an automated system is best for saving time and water.

A quality automated watering system controls and regulates the water delivered to the crops in a fraction of the time it would take you to hand water them.

Pro Tip

An automated system may be costly at first, but it saves cultivators valuable time and improves the consistent quality of their crop yield.

Recycling Greenhouse Condensation

If you have a greenhouse, condensation offers another opportunity for improving water efficiency. Greenhouses are magnets for condensation, and cultivators can utilize many methods for capturing and storing that moisture before it goes to waste.

After capturing the condensation, cultivators have to sterilize it before using it again for irrigation. It may not seem like a lot, but it’s an efficient and sustainable method to ensure every available drop of moisture is used.

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