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Tips for Dealing With Liquid Waste in the Workplace

Tips for Dealing With Liquid Waste in the Workplace

Liquid waste isn’t a glamorous topic. However, most businesses deal with it in some way or another. Knowing how to approach your unique waste disposal needs will improve safety standards and keep your location clean.

Liquid waste includes sludge, oil spills, sewage, wastewater, and any other flowing material. Since you can’t just pick it up and throw it away, dealing with liquid waste in the workplace is a unique undertaking. Use these tips to keep your facility clean, dry, and hazard-free.

Store Liquid Waste Correctly

First, you need to know how to store your liquid waste properly. Rusty, damaged containers won’t hold all of your materials. You need strong, corrosive-resistant bins with lids to contain liquid waste.

Keep your waste in a separate area to reduce spilling accidents. You’ll also need to label containers to communicate hazards and other important information. Don’t try overfilling your liquid waste containers, either; cleaning up spills will cost more in the long run than purchasing more storage options.

Train Employees To Handle Materials Properly

A lot of liquid waste can be corrosive and toxic. Therefore, proper training is essential for dealing with liquid waste in the workplace. Employees must know how to protect themselves and their environment while handling unique materials.

Staff members should always wear personal protective gear around potentially hazardous waste. They should also keep detailed records of stored materials and be aware of their surroundings. Consider offering training refreshers to keep everyone safe at the worksite.

Hire a Waste Disposal Service

Of course, you could always hire a specialized company to do the dirty work for you. Waste disposal services can provide training, clean up messes, and transport materials to the appropriate locations. They also know the ins and outs of waste laws, so you never have to worry about violating code.

If you have a spill you can’t clean, you need a waste cleanup company; these businesses have vacuum trucks that clean up and remove hazardous messes. Many businesses use third-party contractors to help with specific tasks, and a waste disposal company should be included on that list.

These tips don’t just apply to toxic materials. You should approach all types of liquid waste with caution. Handling your unsightly materials doesn’t have to be unpleasant; with the right experience, you can maintain a clean facility.

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