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The Most Common Items Packed in a Military Backpack

The Most Common Items Packed in a Military Backpack

In recent years, the rucksack has evolved into a more generous style bag that military personnel know as MOLLE bags. These are camouflage bags built to hold as much as humanly possible for trips that could last several days at a time. We found the most common items packed in a military backpack that will sustain you for several days in the wilderness.

Hydration Packs

These reservoirs carry water while on long hikes and expeditions. If you have a hydration pack on you, then chances are you’re drinking out of a canteen. This is what your water supply will look like when you’re spending several days in the wilderness. These water vessels can hold up to two liters per pouch.

Basic Food

Because you can’t carry the kitchen with you, you’ll be interested in carrying things like MREs, which are the military’s finest efforts at providing soldiers food on the battlefield. With these items, you can have a “meal ready to eat” in a matter of minutes through a chemical reaction.

If you empty the pouch with the meal and add the suggested amount of water, the meal cooks in a matter of minutes. Having this kind of technology on the battlefield makes nourishment very realistic. There is also a compartment in the MOLLE bag for snacks like protein bars and other rations.


For basic needs, there is a plethora of items that every service member carries with them. These basic amenities range from sunscreen, hats, and shades to first aid, flashlights, and a fire starter. These tools are only used when other resources are no longer available or when needed for everyday use. Knowing how much you need to carry with you makes it easier to choose the right military pack for your needs.


Of course, soldiers will also have to carry standard weaponry in their bags. These items typically include a claymore, bandolier, survival knife, thirty clips, service rifle, pistol, radio, GPS unit, and a cell to contact other soldiers on the field. These are only the very basic items soldiers usually carry. Some carry more than this. It all depends on how much you’re able to carry.

These are typically the most common items service members pack in their military backpacks while on duty.

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