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Things To Know When in a Military Relationship

Things To Know When in a Military Relationship

Having a romantic bond with someone who serves in the military is a unique experience. The pride and admiration in knowing your partner is willing to serve the nation is inspiring. However, you’re aware of their significant connection to the government and their duties that precedes all other elements in their life.

Initiating a relationship with a service member may have its challenges; however, it shouldn’t deter you from creating memories and establishing a connection with your loved one.

That said, here are some things to know when in a military relationship that can help strengthen and maintain your bond.

Work May Come First

Military service members are just like civilians; they commute to work and conduct their job duties as needed. However, their responsibilities run deeper than the average person’s since their time and commitment is under government ownership.

It’s more than likely that your loved one will work extended hours or days in the field because their mission will always come first. In this case, it helps to build a support system for yourself with positive and encouraging individuals who can lift your spirits when you need it.

Your Partner May Deploy

There’s no doubt that separation will challenge your relationship; apart from weeks on duty in their home base, you may also face the obstacles that come with deployment.

Deployment can last anywhere between three months to a year. But before your partner sets sail on their mission, it helps to establish a solid foundation based on love, encouragement, respect, and expectations while they’re away.

You can keep the relationship strong by prioritizing trust and maintaining solid communication with one another during this season.

Long Distance Communication Is Common

When talking about strong communication, there will come a time when maintaining a long-distance relationship will become the norm until your partner returns. As they say, absence makes the heart grow fonder!

Plan ahead and determine the most suitable methods to stay connected when you’re apart from one another. Whether you prefer texts, emails, calls, or video chats, it helps to establish avenues for communication before their deployment so that you can both focus on each other during that time.

Your Loved One Needs Support

Be sure to give your partner unconditional support throughout their military career. Whether they’re stateside or overseas, your loved one is taking on significant responsibilities that can weigh on their well-being over time.

You can make their time in service more manageable by being their biggest supporter and lifting them up!

Although military life has its obstacles, it’s an overall joyful, rewarding adventure that has the potential to transform your life and that of your significant other for the better. After discovering some things to know when in a military relationship, you can embrace your journey with your partner with an open mind and heart.

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