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Is It Possible To Overland Using a Bike?

Is It Possible To Overland Using a Bike?

Many of us want to explore the world and tread paths that most haven’t touched, which is why overlanding is a great activity. People will use different modes of transportation to explore the world and go off-roading, such as cars, trucks, and vans. With the many vehicles used to travel, some people may wonder if it’s possible to use a bike to overland.

What Terrain Can Bikes Handle?

The technology used to manufacture bikes has greatly improved, and we now have numerous types of bikes for different occasions. But there are still limitations to what a bike will handle. Rocky terrain and slopes will always be a hazard for riders, and if you come across a slippery slope with a lot of mud and nothing to grab onto, you will be in a lot of danger and risk great injury. Terrain with gravel, grassy plains, or dirt will make decent paths for a bike to overland. Crossing deeper streams or rivers will be impossible with a bike, but if you come across a stretch of water with a flat bed of rocks, you may have a chance of crossing if you ride with extreme caution.

How Would You Prepare Your Bike for a Long Expedition?

Much like any vehicle, a bike will need preparations to ensure it is safe for off-roading. A bike must have durable tires fitted with large treads to grip onto small risks and patches of earth. Having a front and rear wheel cover will ensure that objects won’t get into the gears and lock them up. The tires will need to have a lot of air at all times to ensure the rider won’t have a harder time pedaling; if you use an e-bike, the motor won’t lose power faster from the increased traction effort. The shock absorbers may need an upgrade for a smooth ride, and all steering capabilities should be up to par.

Using Your Vehicle and Bike To Overland

Using a vehicle and a bike to overland is possible and safer. The car will carry the bike on long stretches of terrain that may be too dangerous to venture on a bike, and the bike will have used in areas where the ground isn’t unstable or has too many obstacles. When you begin overlanding, it’s important to have tools to repair your mode of transportation; these tools will also work with repairs for the bike. The wrenches and screwdrivers will help loosen and remove parts, and if you have a motorbike, the extra gasoline will greatly help either of your rides.

Overall, it is possible to overland with a bike, but you will be limited to how far you may go depending on the terrain. E-bikes and motorbikes will serve you better than mountain bikes but require more maintenance. The best option is to use a car or truck, but having a bike with you for smaller paths you want to explore can’t hurt.

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