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Stretches Construction Workers Should Do Before Work

Stretches Construction Workers Should Do Before Work

Like multi-million dollar athletes, construction workers should loosen up and stretch before each day. The job’s physical demands require you to put in the extra effort before you get started. Doing these stretches construction workers should do before work is paramount for staying safe on the jobsite.

Hamstrings & Quads

We get most of our lifting power from our legs, so focusing on that area first is the best strategy. Your hamstrings and quads are like the engine of a car. They give you the power necessary to move forward; if things aren’t running smoothly, it will be difficult to get around.

To loosen up your hamstrings, look ahead and place your foot on an elevated surface of around 1 foot high. Ensure that you stand sturdily and gradually lean forward, pausing when you feel the strain in your thigh. You’ll want to hold this for approximately five seconds while alternating your legs.

When you stretch your quads, locate a surface that keeps you upright and allows you to grab your ankles with the opposite hand. Lift your leg until you feel a twinge and hold for five seconds. These stretches should keep your legs nice and limber for the day ahead.

Side Bends

You may not have any intention of joining the ballet, but the side bend is the closest thing to being a part of it. Side bends are a fantastic way to increase your torso’s range of motion. Any laborious job will test your back’s durability, so you must do what you can to stay nimble.

Most jobs do what they can to minimize the strain you put on your back, like investing in quality conveyors to limit the bending and lifting. Stand straight up with your feet slightly apart and move one of your arms to the other side of your torso. This is another five-second, alternating position stretch that pays dividends.

Shoulder Circles

I grades chool, shoulder circles were greate for looking busy in gym without any real exertion. However, when done correctly, it aids you on the construction site. The best thing about this exercise is that you can do it anywhere. Find someplace where you can freely extend your arms and make a circular motion with your shoulders. Repeat the circle stretch five times.

Shoulders & Chest

Chest and shoulder stretches are the last stretches to improve your range of motion. Ideally, this will lengthen your upper torso, enabling you to feel strong enough to handle the duties of the job. Stand straight and bend your elbows, making a right angle with your fingers to the sky. Clench your shoulder blades together and hold them for five seconds.

Incorporating these stretches construction workers should do before heading to the jobsite ensures your safety while doing strenuous activities. The days are early and long, and prepping your body is the best way to make it out in one piece.

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