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Beginner’s How-To Guide to Living in a Van

Beginner’s How-To Guide to Living in a Van

Van life is making a comeback. Now more than ever many people are opting for mobile living from the safety of their vehicle. While it’s not for everyone, those seeking the van life do so for the adventure, financial security, and experience. If you’re someone interested in this alternative lifestyle, read this beginner’s how-to guide to living in a van. These tips will help you begin your new travel adventure.

Ask Yourself Why

Before engaging in any new van life adventure, you must first consider why you want to do it. For some, rising rental prices and shortages of affordable housing are enough to drive one to find alternative, more cost-effective housing options. Others want the escapism that comes with endless travel to new locations across the country. Whatever your reason, if you believe this lifestyle is for you, our beginner’s how-to guide to living in a van can help you make it happen.

Find the Right Van

Once you’ve decided this is the right move for you, the next step is to find the right van to convert into a new mobile home. There are many conversion guides to help with this. Don’t think you need to splurge on a costly high-end RV to do it. For example, the Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans are all common camper van options. With these vehicles, you can customize and create your own mobile living quarters to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Set Travel Plans

From there, map out where you want to go. Now that you’ve acquired a van and converted it into a livable space, the country is yours to explore. You can drive coast to coast and stop anywhere in between. You may also want to explore the many National Parks or mountain ranges and take your camper van off-road to see picture-perfect scenic views. If you plan to travel off-road, make sure to stock your camper van with off-road tires, stronger suspension, and other essential equipment so you don’t get stuck or risk any issues.

Accessorize the Van to Your Lifestyle

Last but not least, part of this beginner’s how-to guide to living in a van is knowing how to customize it. There are many van life accessories that are worth the hype. Awnings offer shading and protection against sunlight, rain, and wind. Another essential piece is a roof rack. While most contemporary roof racks are meant for kayaks and other large equipment, camper van roof racks can store solar panels and solar equipment to provide renewable electricity. This way you can remain in touch with friends and family even if you’re thousands of miles away.

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