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How To Create a Comfortable Space for Your Horses

How To Create a Comfortable Space for Your Horses

Is it time to give your barn a major upgrade? As age begins to wear down your barn’s condition, it can become uncomfortable for your horses. Whether you’re just noticing slow wear and tear over the years or have a barn that could use some TLC, your horses need a comfortable space to stay happy, healthy, and strong. This article will discuss ways to create a more comfortable space for your horses.

Inspect the Condition of Your Barn

Before you begin your upgrades, you should inspect and repair your barn. While making inspections, you should calculate how much you’ll need to fix your barn properly. A solid barn has an excellent foundation, durable roofing, and walls. If your barn is sturdy, you won’t have to worry about doing a large upgrading job.

Redesign Your Stalls

Your horses should feel safe and sound in their stalls. To have a cozy ambiance, you should ventilate the barn and have lots of natural sunlight. Adorn the walls with grilled partitions to allow more airflow and natural light into the stall to make your horses feel more comfortable and safer.

If your horses suffer from boredom, install V-door openings to allow them to poke their heads through and say hello. Horses love to socialize, so it’s important that they can interact with other companions.

Reduce the Noise Levels

Noise can play a large role in the animals’ well-being. Horses are most comfortable in relative silence. They generally don’t like commotion unless they’re used to loud sounds. Noises like cars, trains, thunderstorms, and planes can startle your horses. It can help if you soundproof their enclosure and avoid making sudden, loud noises to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Upgrade Your Fencing

You can create a more comfortable space for your horses by upgrading fencing. You can do this by switching from wooden to plastic fencing. Decaying wooden fencing is an eyesore, and plastic fencing can improve the horses’ quality of life. Plastic fencing is more durable and lowers the chances of horses getting splinters.

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