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Toolbox Essentials: Which Tools You Need

Toolbox Essentials: Which Tools You Need

Every person who builds or repairs structures needs a toolbox, and every toolbox is different depending on an individual’s needs and interests. You can pick one up from any home improvement or hardware store, but you need to know which tools to get. Enhance your home improvement skills with this list of toolbox essentials and which tools you need for smaller improvements and major projects.

Small Tools

A quality toolbox should include small “smart” tools like measuring tape, duct tape, a builder’s pencil, or a utility knife. You’ll also need a spirit level to help keep your shelves and wall art even. Furthermore, you should include a pair of pliers because they’re great for gripping and holding objects—especially those in wonky angles.


Screwdrivers are an essential tool that you need in your toolbox. When putting together your toolbox, you should purchase a decent screwdriver set with a wide variety of sizes. You use screwdrivers for more than tightening screws. For instance, you can use them to open tins, scrape, and more.

Make sure you have these three types of screwdrivers:

  • Allen-head screwdriver: for hexagonal shape screws
  • Phillips-head screwdriver: for cross-shape headed screws
  • Slot-head screwdriver: for simple slotted screws


A toolbox isn’t complete without a classic builder’s hammer. Many don’t know, but you should shop around for hammers for the best brand and feel. The hammer should comfortably fit in your hand, and the weight shouldn’t be too heavy for you to handle. Although the 12 oz. hammer is standard, you may want to try a 10 oz. hammer if you’re a beginner.

Power Drills

Even though power drills aren’t your standard tools in the toolbox, they’re essential power tools you need in much bigger projects. You never know what projects may come your way, so it’s better to be prepared. Power drills are perfect for DIY home projects or re-tightening loose screws.

Safety Gear

In your toolbox, you must include safety gear. For all your DIY needs, you need a good pair of work gloves, a pair of safety goggles, ear protection, and a mask for projects that involve paints or fumes. You want to keep yourself and everyone around you safe, so please invest in high-quality safety gear.

We hope our quick rundown of your toolbox essentials prepares you for your next project. Having all the necessary tools and safety gear will save you trips to the store and keep you safe while working.

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