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How To Prepare the Construction Site for a Tropical Storm

How To Prepare the Construction Site for a Tropical Storm

Tropical storms like hurricanes can leave property damage in their wake. Civilians and workers must prepare themselves for severe weather. Because emergencies and disasters can occur at any time, construction crews must prepare for crises before they strike.

Let’s cover tips for preparing the construction site for tropical storms. Going over preplanning and steps before the storm is crucial for minimizing damage.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Before the storm arrives, ensure that you track it throughout its formation. Regular weather monitoring will help prevent unexpected storms from catching you by surprise. Weather tracking gives you time to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Weather devices such as weather radios, online websites, and weather tracking apps will help with real-time weather reports and alert systems if someone spots storm in your area. You can also benefit from a battery, solar, or hand crank-powered weather radios in situations like power outages.

Prepare Disaster Procedures

When there’s a risk of tropical storms, a construction site preparation tip must have a plan set. Construction staff and crew that work in tropical storm-prone areas must have a plan ready.

When the storm approaches, having a detailed plan that everyone can access will prevent accidents or injuries. Once the storm passes, having visual-based inspection technology for storm preparation and recovery can help streamline accurate data and allow people to understand the scope of the disaster.

Reduce Damage With Property Upgrades

Tropical weather storms can produce tremendous wind speeds, causing excessive damage to the construction site. Consider making upgrades to areas that need repairs. Some repairs that would help protect the area include:

  • Bracing rooftop components
  • Adding roof and exterior cladding
  • Securing jobsite materials

Additionally, having a water prevention plan can help control water damage and water intrusion. Consider the current plumbing, irrigation systems, fire sprinkles, and more for potential repairs or upgrades.

Secure Jobsite Equipment & Materials

As previously mentioned, one way to reduce weather damage is by securing jobsite equipment and materials. Debris in a tropical storm can quickly become projectiles and generate expensive repairs or hospital visits. Ensure that you tie down trash, tools, materials, and other debris that can potentially take flight.

A business plan to minimize damage and reduce safety risks will help you get through the upcoming storm. The last thing you want is poor preparation. That leads to chaos, bodily harm, and expensive repairs.

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