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3 Wedding Transportation Tips for Your Guests

3 Wedding Transportation Tips for Your Guests

There are many things to juggle when trying to organize a wedding. You have to worry about seating arrangements, guest lists, and photography. However, one of the most pressing issues is transportation. If you have a multi-part wedding that can span an entire day, it might be wise to consider hauling everyone around all at once rather than requiring them to drive to their destination individually. If you choose to do this, you have to learn the ropes. Check out our top three wedding transportation tips for your guests at your wedding.

Book Your Bus Early

If you’re looking to rent or lease the right Ultra Coachliner for your wedding, you need to start early. Make sure you book at least four to six months in advance. Otherwise, your guests will have to get to their destination individually. This could lead to many issues. The first issue is that people who drive to multiple places are more likely to get lost. Depending on who it is, this could throw a wrench in your plans. How would you like to have one of your bridesmaids come up missing? That would be a disaster in the making, so rent as soon as you can.

Create a Brochure With Transport Info

Spend a bit of time crating a brochure for your guests that details transportation, amenities they might find on the bus, and pressing questions they may have about the venue. This will save you a lot of time. You won’t have to explain everything on the day. It keeps everyone on the same page and ensures that everyone gets to the same place quickly and without any issues. This is something that we couldn’t forget in our tips for wedding transportation for our guests.

Consider Your Guests’ Needs

People have different needs. People who have multiple children will love the fact that you included safe docks on your buses. If you have any guests with disabilities, a wheelchair lift will be a godsend. You should consider where they’ll need rides. Finally, don’t forget your elderly guests, especially if they’re coming from a hotel or airport. They’ll likely need all the help they can get, even for something as simple as getting into a car. All of these tips are important for making your wedding run as smoothly as a well-oiled machine.

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