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The 5 Most Important Things To Bring Camping

The 5 Most Important Things To Bring Camping

Are you planning your next camping trip but aren’t sure what to pack and what to leave at home? To ensure you don’t forget anything crucial, read on. Here’s a list of the five most important things to bring camping.

A Proper Shelter

The first item that should be on your packing list is a proper shelter. Your shelter will protect you from the weather and critters while you rest in the evening. Most campers will bring along a simple mesh tent. But that’s not the only kind of shelter you have available. If you’re traveling in a big group or just want some extra comfort, a spacious pop-up camper is another fantastic choice for your camping shelter.

A First Aid Kit

Another one of the most important things to bring on your camping trip is a medical kit. When you’re camping, there’s a good chance you’ll have a run-in with a pointy twig, poison ivy, or another hazard at some point. By bringing a first aid kit along, you can treat any minor cuts or irritation as soon as they occur. As a result, you won’t have to spend your whole trip hurting.

Snacks and a Water Bottle

Naturally, you need to eat and drink during your trip! We recommend you always have a full water bottle and a small bag of snacks (like trail mix or jerky) on you. Eating and staying hydrated will give you more energy so that you can hike, swim, canoe, and more without tiring too quickly.

Your Phone

While many campers disconnect from tech, a phone is an essential item you shouldn’t leave at home. This is because you can use it to call for help in the event of an emergency. You can also use it to find your way if you get lost or look up answers to any questions you may have during your trip. You don’t have to keep it on, but carrying it in your pocket just in case is wise.

A Lantern

Once the sun sets, getting around your campsite becomes infinitely harder. A lantern will help you navigate the area so that you don’t accidentally trip or wander off the beaten path and get lost.

Of course, these aren’t the only items you should bring, but they are some of the most crucial. Make sure you pack all these items before jumping in your car and driving off to your camping destination.

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