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4 Ways To Attract More Customers to Your Bar

4 Ways To Attract More Customers to Your Bar

Bars and restaurants are some of the most popular establishments to date. They attract considerable amounts of foot traffic as patrons want to enjoy a hearty meal and refreshing drink of choice. Still, if you own a bar and it hasn’t received as many customers as you need to stay profitable, it may be time to change up your business practices. Here are four ways to attract more customers to your bar that can help.

Offer Daily Discounts

This is a common reoccurring phenomenon with bars and restaurants across the nation. Customers love the thought of saving money. Therefore, it makes the most sense to offer daily discounts on select drink and food items. You may have heard of “Two for Tuesdays” or “Thirsty Thursdays,” and these daily discounts attract more foot traffic given their economic appeal. If your bar doesn’t currently offer something in this vein, it’s time to start. You can even offer discounts on underperforming items, like well drinks, to increase those sales.

Host Live Entertainment

Another way to boost foot traffic is with live entertainment. Many customers want something in addition to their food or beverage. The nice part is you have plenty of options to choose from. The main example of live entertainment is a band or musical artist. Hosting local concerts draws in larger crowds, many of whom will purchase drinks as they enjoy their favorite musician. Or you can host games, karaoke, or some other type of entertainment to increase profits.

Add Drink Variety

Perhaps some of this customer-driven lag relates to your drink options. Bars are notorious for featuring some classic drink choices, but one way to attract more customers to your bar is to offer something other bars don’t. Consider adding drink variety. For example, many bars don’t sell frozen beverages. With many flavor mixes available, frozen drinks are a unique alternative to some traditional options, and you have wiggle room to play around and sell various flavors. Your options will amaze customers who will want to come back to try more.

Have a Theme

Lastly, it doesn’t hurt to have a themed bar. It may sound corny or cliché, but customers appreciate difference. Some customers want a typical bar scene, but many others enjoy the creativity of a themed bar. That’s why pop-up bars gain so much foot traffic: they offer different drink and food options unfound in other typical establishments. You don’t need to redesign your entire bar, either. If you’re uncomfortable with a permanent change, make it temporary. In either case, customers will want to see what you have to offer.

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