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Best Upgrades To Make in an Industrial Facility

Best Upgrades To Make in an Industrial Facility

Even an efficient facility can run more efficiently, and we have a few ideas on how to make that happen! From improving employee morale to enhancing productivity throughout the location, read on to discover the best upgrades to make in an industrial facility.

Add Natural Light

If you work in a facility or warehouse that was designed a decade or more ago, the space probably lacks natural light. This simply wasn’t a feature of most facilities a few years ago, but there is overwhelming evidence that natural light is crucial to employee satisfaction. When satisfaction goes up, so does productivity.

On the other hand, fluorescent lighting can have adverse effects on employee productivity—increasing stress and negatively impacting mood. If possible, you should consider adding windows to your facility.

Improve Employee Common Areas

When your employees are not hard at work, you should ensure that they have a comfortable and safe area to enjoy. This is essential for employee retention, and it can also make new workers interested. No one wants to work in a place with dirty bathrooms or uncomfortable break rooms—these features will have employees wishing to be anywhere but your facility.

Update Loading Docks

One of the biggest complaints we hear from facility managers are maintenance nightmares in the loading docks. If you find yourself taking on seemingly unending repairs, you should consider updating your docks with a focus on preventative maintenance. Big upgrades can feel like a daunting investment, but you’re likely to spend far more on routinely maintaining old equipment.


Facility managers are also curious to know which touch screens are best for industrial applications. If you use the wrong ones, you open yourself up to expensive repairs and diminished productivity. Your best bet is to use capacitive touchscreens in your offices and resistive touchscreens on the facility floor.

Now that you know the best upgrades to make in an industrial facility, make a few changes and improve the experience for your employees while also boosting productivity and cutting costs.

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