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5 Ways To Enhance the Security of Your Camper Van

5 Ways To Enhance the Security of Your Camper Van

A camper van is your home and mode of transportation from place to place, making it a valuable asset to your life. But given its value, some people may wish to steal it or, at least, the valuables inside. These methods will help you keep your camper secure, and your belongings protected from potential theft.

Additional Locks on Your Door

The locks on your doors are effective against most outside forces, but there are still ways to access the vehicle; for example, by prying it open. Adding multiple locks will increase security to your camper by adding a layer of difficulty to anyone who attempts to break in and even deter them due to the amount of effort and time it would take.

Wheel Clamps

If someone wants to steal the whole van, it won’t be easy with a wheel clamp. The wheel clamp, or boot as it’s sometimes called, will prevent the wheels from rolling, and thus, keep the vehicle in place. The wheel clamp can also ensure the vehicle doesn’t roll downhill when you sleep at night.


Alarms have always been a great way to enhance security, and they will do well for your camper van. There are alarms for your windows and alarms that will trigger when an object passes a sensor or when a door is opened while the alarm is active. Alarms will alert you and anyone else on the campground of potential theft, making them a great tool for stopping burglars.

Storage Chest

Your storage necessities are one of the things you need to know when converting your van into a camper. And with this storage comes the need to protect your items. Numerous storage chests come with a lock that requires a code or key to access.

The storage chest is a great place to store items through the night, or when you need to leave your items when you go fishing or hiking. The chest will also give you more room in the van to sit and move around.

The use of these methods will help you keep you and your camper safe. Your camping experience will be better knowing that your van and items are safe and sound from thieves.

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