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3 Qualities You Should Look for in a New Roof

3 Qualities You Should Look for in a New Roof

Wood, metal, asphalt, and slate are all common roofing materials with their own pros and cons. Regardless of the material, your roof should have a few qualities to ensure it meets your standards. Get a better understanding of your options today by reading about these qualities to look for in a new roof.

Healthy Life Expectancy

Asphalt, metal, and other roofing materials differ in more ways than looks. For instance, the strength of each material differs, and the options vary even further thanks to the roof finishes available. For example, one of the best questions to ask about roofing made of metal pertains to how long it will last. This is a common question because metal roofing has a reputation for having a long lifespan—typically at least 50 years.

Asphalt roofing is still a suitable alternative, though repairs frequently become necessary after around 10 years. However, the life expectancy of any roof primarily depends on how well workers have handled and installed the materials, so always partner with a great contractor. There’s no right or wrong material for a roof, so how long do you want it to last? Is it going on your forever home, or will you be moving out in a decade or two? Do you mind dealing with more repairs or upkeep for the sake of looks or other qualities?

Reliable Hazard Protection

Strength is one thing, but what exactly will your roof defend you from? When speaking with a contractor about what hazards your roofing materials can handle, take your local weather into account.

For example, if you live in a windy area, look for materials that won’t fly off due to strong gusts. Some materials are vulnerable to wind, but more resilient alternatives exist, so it all comes down to strong communication with your service provider. Moreover, consider how the roof will handle fire, ice dams, debris, and other hazards that may gather on top.

An Attractive Design

Although the roof’s defenses and stability are its most important factors, the qualities you should look for in a new roof definitely include an attractive design. After all, if it’s going to be on your home for decades, then you should love how it looks. Roofs can look more diverse in their patterns, colors, and structures than you may realize.

So speak with the roofing company about the design options they have available so that you can find one that matches your aesthetic standards. You can also ask for pictures of previous roofs installed to see the contractor’s work in action. From bright to neutral colors and shingles to standing seams, your roofing options are fantastically vast, so start searching for the best option for your home today.

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