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The 3 Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

The 3 Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

Experts consider aerobic exercise to be any performed activity that activates major muscle groups and gets your blood pumping. Whether it’s a quick jog, dancing to your favorite playlist, or carrying a mountain of groceries, as long as you’re elevating your heart rate, you’re performing a cardio activity!

While the intensities may vary by activity, one element stands true for all cardio, and it’s the importance of aerobic exercise! But why do experts recommend it? Read on to learn the three benefits of cardiovascular exercise and how these advantages improve your lifestyle.

Improves Heart Health

Aerobic exercise is a practice recommended by the American Heart Association to help those with heart disease. By conducting regular exercise, you can strengthen your heart, making it more efficient at pumping blood throughout the body. Cardio exercise can also help reduce blood pressure and blood sugar!

Aids Sleep

Unfortunately, many individuals experience sleep issues. While it isn’t a cure-all method, consider trying cardiovascular exercise during your waking hours to get better sleep. Avoid performing cardio activity immediately before going to bed; this may make it more difficult to sleep.

Pro Tip: Start your day early! By waking up and exercising early, you’ll jump-start your day and regulate your sleep schedule, thus ending your day earlier.

Can Promote Weight Loss

Along with having structured nutrition, regular exercise is another building block that promotes weight loss. As you eat nutrient-dense foods and conduct more activities to keep you in motion, you’ll place yourself in a caloric deficit that results in weight loss.

If you’re working out from home, it helps to have the right equipment to support your current fitness journey. Consider these top five home workout machines for weight loss to add to your workout zone.

With professionals recommending at least 150 minutes of moderate cardiovascular activity per week, it’s safe to say cardio is a significant component of a heart-healthy lifestyle. The benefits of cardiovascular exercise go beyond the heart and can affect your body and life positively.

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