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Ways Your Business Can Reduce Paper Waste

Ways Your Business Can Reduce Paper Waste

Whether spearheading the operations at a corporate office or running an industrial facility, one thing’s for certain: you need paper. While employees print contracts, onboarding documents, and other paperwork, most people never think about all the paper waste they produce.

With pulp and paper being the third largest cause of air, water, and soil pollution, it’s no wonder that companies implement best practices to decrease their paper waste. And you can do your part, too!

In this article, you’ll learn different ways your business can reduce paper waste and prioritize safe environmental practices.

Digitize Your Filing System

Offices and warehouses are no stranger to filing cabinets filled with old documents. Instead of hoarding hundreds of unseen paper folders and files for years, consider a digital filing system!

Establishing a digital filing system allows you to store essential and sensitive information without generating waste. Consider preparing documents for scanning and digitizing, then using software or cloud-based storage to organize information.

Print Thoughtfully

It’s alarming how many pages people print but never read. Take time to remind your team about “thoughtful printing.” By thinking before printing, you can minimize paper waste.

Eliminate Paper Towels

Unsurprisingly, restrooms see a lot of traffic during the day. With the high number of employees using the facilities, you must purchase a tremendous supply of paper towels to dry hands and clean counters. People need paper towels, right? Wrong.

Instead of using disposable paper towels, consider installing automatic hand dryers! While the initial installation may cost more than buying paper products, this investment can provide a great return and help save money.

Being a leading contaminant of the environment, decreasing paper waste is a goal all businesses can work toward when they want to become more eco-friendly. Using these helpful ways, your business can reduce paper waste and start making a positive impact on the environment.

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