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How Often Should I Inspect My Foundation?

How Often Should I Inspect My Foundation?

A solid foundation is crucial to the stability of your house. To maintain this essential part of your property, you should have it inspected regularly. But how regularly are we taking, exactly? If you’re not sure how often you should have your foundation inspected, we provide that info here.

Why Are Foundation Inspections Important?

Your foundation is the base of your home; it’s what holds it up and keeps it sturdy. If your foundation is compromised, the structural stability and safety of your entire home are at risk. It could settle, lean, or even fall apart.

But that’s not all. Even the smallest foundation issue can be costly to fix, and the severity of the damage and the price to repair it will only increase over time. By checking your foundation periodically, you can catch problems early on and fix them before they burn a hole in your wallet.

How Often Should You Check Your Foundation?

How often you should have your foundation inspected depends on the current state of the foundation. If it appears to be in good shape, you only need to have it professionally checked once or twice a year. This allows you to monitor the health of your foundation and catch any small or concealed problems early on.

Signs You Need an Immediate Inspection

While annual or biannual inspections are sufficient for foundations in good shape, you should call a professional ASAP if you notice something off about your foundation. Here are a few signs you need an immediate foundation inspection:

  • There’s moisture in your basement
  • Your floors are uneven
  • Your doors and windows get stuck
  • There are cracks in your foundation or the interior walls
  • Your chimney is slanting
  • Nails are popping out of the drywall

The sooner you address foundation problems, the better. By having your foundation routinely inspected, you can find and remedy the issue before it escalates and does serious, lasting damage to your home.

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