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What Are the Different Types of EMS Services?

What Are the Different Types of EMS Services?

If you are wondering about the different types of EMS services, you should know that there are four main services. These services have developed better safety measures over time for every scenario. Here’s what you need to know about the diverse kinds of emergency medical services.


The hospital is the most common kind of EMS. Since hospitals already have updated technology and meet national standards, they are the first thing people think about when someone mentions EMS or EMT. There is greater access than ever to hospitals, even in rural areas, where access was often limited in the past. People can easily visit the hospital by calling 911 or taking themselves there.


The government, both national and local, has its own EMS service. The extent of services vary from community to community, as not every developed area has a government-based EMS. Most of the time, government services are funded by local and national leadership.

Think of the Department of Health. Some local communities have a branch in town that is accessible to everyone in the community. The workers here provide ambulance services for certain situations, like natural disasters.


Organizations like non-profit charities and emergency relief missions hire individuals from around the world to help in dire situations, such as natural and global disasters. Volunteers typically have a medical background, but it is not a requirement. However, the job requires dedication and the ability to travel when the time comes.

Volunteers go through weeks and months of training to learn new skills so they can use the tools to assist patients. Volunteers use the same EMS supplies that full-time EMS workers use on patients in other situations. Knowing the different EMS service types can come in handy in case you or someone else wants to explore an EMS career.

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