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Essential Blacksmith Accessories Every Forge Needs

Essential Blacksmith Accessories Every Forge Needs

Many blacksmiths who start their own workshops know the basics that every forge needs. You’ll start out with a furnace, crucibles, an anvil, and hammers, but do you have the other tools that can help make your forging projects easier? Here is a quick list of essential blacksmithing accessories that every forge needs, so you know exactly what to stock in your workshop.

Safety Equipment

Every blacksmith needs the proper safety equipment before starting work in the forge. However, some blacksmithing kits and sets don’t automatically come with safety equipment. You may need to collect these materials on your own, so it’s crucial to know what PPE blacksmiths need. Protect your eyes and face with protective goggles or glasses. Depending on which materials you’re smelting, you may need a respirator mask to protect your lungs from the chemicals this process produces. It’s also important to find the right blacksmithing gloves for your applications and needs.

Vises & Clamps

Depending on the temperature of the materials you’re working with, you won’t always be able to hold a piece in place with your hands. Even with heat-resistant gloves, you should always avoid contact with hot metals to prevent burns. This is when you would use your tongs to hold the hot piece away from you, but this can be inconvenient for extended periods while you’re trying to hammer. Pick up a set of vises or clamps to hold your material in place on your anvil, workbench, and more. With these accessories, you get more control over the hammering process and can make more precise strikes.


When it comes to making intricate, precise strikes and marks, the chisel is the tool you need most. Chisels are hand tools that feature a pointed or straight metal blade on one end. You can use chisels alone or with a hammer to cut metal into intricate shapes or form carvings and patterns. Chisels are convenient when working with smaller pieces of metal or defining small shapes and cuts for practical or artistic pieces.

No matter what type of piece you create in your blacksmithing workshop, every forge needs these essential blacksmith accessories. Make your smithing processes easier and more effective by adding these useful tools to your collection.

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