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Tips To Keep Your Construction Site Sanitary

Tips To Keep Your Construction Site Sanitary

A construction site is a dangerous place. An accident can happen at any moment, which is why there are rules and regulations in place for everyone’s protection. But it’s important to keep in mind those dangers you might not see or think about immediately. Those are the ones that sneak up and create havoc. Read over these tips to keep your construction site sanitary.

A Designated Trash Area

A construction site collects lots of trash. All the debris, leftover materials, and other items that come on the site make it very difficult to keep things clean. But it never hurts to try. Start by providing a designated trash area. Depending on the size of the site, you might need more than one.

Have two containers for each location—one for trash and the other for recycling. Most of the trash collected on construction sites is recyclable, and it’s good to place those materials in the right containers. It makes the next construction job easier and is always a plus for the environment.

A Water Supply

The workers on the site will get dehydrated. It’s inevitable. Plan ahead and provide adequate drinking water on the site. Encourage them to come with their own bottles and place signage near the places where they can refill their drinks.

Remember that some might not bring their own bottles, so keep eco-friendly disposal cups close by. When they finish with the cups, remind them to dispose of them in the proper containers. Never let workers leave cups lying around for the safety of everyone.

Long-Term Portable Restrooms

All outdoor construction sites have portable bathrooms, as they’re part of regulations. Managers need to provide their workers with adequate restroom facilities. However, just renting them isn’t enough. These long-term portable restrooms require proper maintenance.

Never let an entire job or project go on without having their supplier clean and maintain them. A well-kept porta-potty stops the spread of germs and bacteria that can cause severe illnesses. And remember to have the right number of portable bathrooms for everyone’s convenience. Make sure you include a hand sanitizer station too.

A Shower Station

The workers on the site have grime and dirt all over them. And most of them don’t want to get in their cars and carry that filth home with them. They don’t need to take full baths, but a simple shower station for a quick rinse will make the ride home for them a little more comfortable.

Provide a shower station and an adjoining changing room so that they can put on some fresh clothes after the shower. Place the showers away from the site and away from the porta-potty area. Keep the changing room as close to the shower station as possible. You might need to resort to an additional trailer as a changing room.

Keeping a construction site sanitary ensures everything’s in order. Don’t skip out on cleaning all areas.

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