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The Best Gifts To Buy for a Hairstylist

The Best Gifts To Buy for a Hairstylist

Hairdressers help us feel and look our best, even when we’re struggling with our hair or having a bad day. They also offer us a listening ear and great advice throughout our hair care sessions. For all their hard work and kindness, they deserve some pampering this holiday season. Keep reading to get some ideas for the best gifts to buy a hairstylist.

Personalized Gifts

Once you’ve found the right hairdresser, you schedule regular appointments, and soon you’re pretty involved in each other’s lives. From your conversations with your hairstylist, you probably know quite a bit about them. Use this personal knowledge to get them a personalized gift this holiday season as thanks for all their hard work.

For example, do they have a favorite sports team? Buy them a team jersey with their name on the back. Are they always chugging from a plastic water bottle between appointments? Gift them a reusable water bottle or cup with their name and favorite design elements on it. Choose something fun and personable that reflects your friendly, professional relationship.

Comforting Gifts

Hairdressers are on their feet working at odd angles for hours every day. Remind them to take care of themselves and their physical comfort with some thoughtful holiday gifts this year. While your hairdresser has unique self-care practices, a gift card for a pedicure will help their tired feet feel better. A home massager for tight neck and back muscles will also provide some much-needed relief.

And if they’ve told you about something else they find comforting—such as a favorite essential oil or their preferred comfort-food restaurant—then use that to inspire your gift.

Helpful Gifts

Many hairstylists struggle with pained hands and wrists after a long day’s work, so giving them an essential tool like ergonomic shears will help them feel better. Additionally, if your hairstylist works for multiple salons or frequently works events like weddings, then giving them a heat-resistant tool bag will make their professional life easier. These are helpful, considerate gifts your hairdresser will surely appreciate.

The best gifts to buy for a hairstylist are gifts that show you care about them as a person and a professional. You don’t have to spend a ton on the gift to truly show your thanks for all their hard work for you this year.

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