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Ways To Keep Your School’s Bathroom Cleaner for Students

Ways To Keep Your School’s Bathroom Cleaner for Students

It’s that time of the year when illnesses spread like wildfire throughout our schools, impacting students’ ability to learn and develop at a proper pace and putting the well-being of everybody at risk. One way to limit the spread of illness within your facility is to ensure you provide sanitary restrooms for the children. Here are three easy ways to keep your school’s bathroom cleaner for students.

Provide a Sanitary Space

The first step in maintaining a cleaner school bathroom is ensuring you provide students with an already sanitary environment throughout the entire day. By presenting a clean and organized restroom to your student body, you increase the chances of the bathroom remaining as such. Aside from regularly cleaning these spaces, it’s recommended that you always have the proper restroom supplies readily available and fully stocked. This includes hand towels, soap, feminine hygiene, and toilet paper dispensers. Urinal mats, guards, and cakes are great supplies for keeping the boy’s room cleaner. Having all these items on hand in an already sanitary restroom is the key to maintaining a clean environment.

Make Repairs Regularly

Other than providing students with the proper amount of sanitary supplies, it’s highly encouraged that you stay on top of repairs and other restroom issues. Problems such as clogged toilets, poor sink drainage, and broken dispensers all contribute to a less sanitary bathroom. If you notice a problem with an aspect of your school restrooms, have the custodial staff provide solutions as quickly as possible. This helps foster a more inviting space and experience while also promoting better bathroom behavior.

Encourage Better Bathroom Behavior

Kids will be kids, meaning it’s completely normal (and expected) for a school bathroom to become unsanitary quickly. Despite providing students with enough supplies and a clean environment, children will always find a way to create chaos. As such, it is the responsibility of faculty and teachers to promote and encourage better bathroom behavior throughout the student body. Simple steps such as hanging up instructional signage on how to properly wash your hands can improve how children act while in the restroom. Additionally, limiting the number of students permitted in the bathroom at one time can help foster a calmer and cleaner space.

Follow these three simple tips to keep your school’s bathroom cleaner for students. Making these changes will provide a more pleasant experience for children while limiting the spread of illness throughout the building.

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