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Top 3 Highest-Selling Sports Cards of All Time

Top 3 Highest-Selling Sports Cards of All Time

Many people wonder why some adults are still into sports cards. When we tell you that multiple cards have sold for over a million dollars, you may start to understand why! From baseball to basketball, read on to discover the top three highest-selling sports cards of all time.

3. Steph Curry Panini National Treasures Rookie Patch Autograph 2009

Things have changed in the NBA—three-pointers are more crucial than ever. Why? It’s thanks to, in no small part, Mr. Steph Curry. In July of 2021, his rookie card sold for $5.9 million, and for good reason! Curry continues to shine on the Golden State Warriors with no signs of stopping.

All these rookie cards in the top three may make you wonder why rookie cards are worth more than other cards. The real reason is complex, but the general idea is that it takes exceptional foresight to show care to the card of a person who hasn’t made a name for themselves yet.

2. Honus Wagner T206

In mid-August of 2022, one of history’s most famous cards sold for $7.25 million. Apparently, Wagner refused to allow baseball cards to get printed of him due to their connection with cigarettes. Before he made that statement, however, between 50 and 200 cards got printed! If you stumble upon this card, you can count yourself part of a very exclusive club.

1. Mickey Mantle Topps 1952

Just a few days after the sale of Honus Wagner’s card, in August of 2022, a 1952 Mickey Mantle card sold for $12.6 million, over five million dollars more than Wagner’s card! Thanks to a combination of scarcity, player legendary-ness, and nostalgia, this card knocked the previous king off his throne and then some.

Now that you know the top three highest-selling sports cards of all time, consider starting a collection of your own. While you may not find cards that sell for quite this much, card collecting is still a fun hobby that can put money in your pocket!

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