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Tips for Optimizing Space in a Small Bathroom

Tips for Optimizing Space in a Small Bathroom

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to dream about a bathroom with enough storage space to house toiletries, linens, and other necessities. As one of the most functional spaces on a property, many homebuyers have a large checklist of expectations. However, nowadays, these requests may come with a price, often sacrificing one element to accommodate the request.

If you find yourself battling with limited bathroom space and are looking for additional storage, consider this article as your solution. Here are three tips for optimizing space in a small bathroom.

Choose a Smaller Sink

Surprisingly, your vanity may be the main cause of limited space in a bathroom! Larger bathroom counters in a small area with limited foot traffic are a recipe for disaster and frustration.

In this case, consider a sleek, lightweight structure, like a pedestal sink! The ability to open up the area for more storage space is among the many advantages of bathroom pedestal sinks.

Hang an Organizer

Some shower areas eliminate those useful shelves that hold hair-care products. Installing a hanging organizer in or near this area increases storage space for these items so that you won’t have to worry about kicking products around during your shower.

Fortunately, there are plenty of options that can fit your bathroom aesthetic; whether you prefer plastic or wire material, this cost-effective tip is a beloved addition for many.

Use Magnetic Strips

You can use magnetic strips to help keep track of smaller items, like hair clips and bobby pins. Adhere strips near mirrors and vanities or on the inside of a cabinet to designate the storage area. You can also use a magnetic strip to hold smaller tools, like nail clippers and tweezers.

Optimizing space in a small bathroom doesn’t always call for a costly renovation. With these tips and tricks, you can increase storage space and maintain organization, ultimately improving the area’s functionality.

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