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4 Alternative Ways To Combat Your Anxiety

4 Alternative Ways To Combat Your Anxiety

Anxiety affects millions of people around the globe due to work-related stress, family drama, and other related issues. While there are anti-depressants available, some people aren’t comfortable taking medications to curb their anxiety. Fortunately, there are four alternative ways to combat your anxiety that you’ll want to consider.


Meditation is a tranquil way to reduce anxious feelings by helping you feel at peace with your inner self through mindful exercises. After you wake up in the morning, sit up, close your eyes, and let your mind wander. This way, it may target a specific pestering thought or eventually reach a free-flowing mindset of calm and tranquility. You can enhance your meditation experience with a candle or incense, too. Meditation allows you to come to peace with your thoughts so that anxiety doesn’t hinder your well-being.

Talk to Someone

It also helps to talk it out with someone, whether that’s a friend, loved one, or professional therapist. Granted, not everyone feels comfortable sharing their life story or the troubles they face in their everyday lives. However, the more you talk it out, the faster a breakthrough can occur. Even if whomever you’re talking to acts as an active listener, they may provide key tips or considerations you hadn’t thought about. At the end of the day, it also feels good to get stressors off your chest with a heartfelt conversation.

Consider Temperature Therapy

Temperature therapy is one of the four alternative ways to combat your anxiety. When thinking of temperature therapy, you may picture an ice bath, heat pad, or compress. Those are all forms of temperature therapy to improve blood flow and equilibrium in your body.

Another example is a cryogenic chamber. There are many advantages of using cryotherapy to combat anxiety and depression. For example, it numbs nerves, treats surface-level conditions, and restores hormone balance in your brain—all common causes of anxiety in some people.

Cut Back on the Stimulants

Finally, anxiety can occur due to an influx of caffeine, nicotine, and other stimulants. An easy way to reduce anxious feelings is to reduce your stimulant intake. Stimulants can worsen anxiety, leading to pestering, worrisome thoughts. Reducing stimulant intake further helps you sleep, which can help regulate hormones and boost serotonin and dopamine—two “feel good” hormones.

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