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Easy Ways To Reduce Your Commercial Building’s Energy Costs

Easy Ways To Reduce Your Commercial Building’s Energy Costs

Does your business spend exorbitant amounts of money on monthly utility bills? Unfortunately, this is a problem for commercial facilities across the entire world. Many solutions to this issue are expensive and potentially disruptive to your normal operations. Luckily, here are three affordable and easy ways to reduce your commercial building’s energy costs.

Maintain Your Commercial Roof

Commercial roofing systems play an influential role in your building’s energy consumption. By regularly inspecting, cleaning, and repairing your roof, you can ensure better insulation throughout your entire facility. Improved insulation means your air conditioning and temperature control systems don’t have to work harder to cool and heat your business. Have your commercial roof professionally cleaned and restored every three years, and don’t allow debris to accumulate over long periods.

Retrofit Your HVAC Equipment

Did you know that inefficient and outdated HVAC systems are some of the biggest energy consumers in commercial buildings? Unfortunately, completely replacing these devices with entirely new equipment is expensive and disruptive for businesses. Luckily, you can simply retrofit your existing HVAC system and reduce your energy bills significantly! Retrofitting involves replacing certain components with newer, more efficient ones. These include ventilation parts, condenser fans, and compressor parts. Consider consultation with a professional to determine if retrofitting is practical for your existing HVAC equipment.

Install Better Lighting Solutions

Another massive energy consumer found in every commercial building is the lighting system. Traditional incandescent and halogen light bulbs require heat to function properly, meaning they drain higher amounts of power. Additionally, their designs are inefficient, further increasing their energy requirements. Their short lifespans also make them a costly inconvenience for your business. That’s why every commercial building should make the switch to LED lighting solutions instead! This technology is surprisingly affordable, highly efficient, and extremely reliable.

Limiting power consumption is a daunting task, but the benefits are significant. Follow these easy tips to reduce your commercial building’s monthly energy costs without breaking the bank.

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