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Three Tips for Cleaning Your Irrigation Equipment

Three Tips for Cleaning Your Irrigation Equipment

Whether you’re running a large-scale agricultural business or a gardener by hobby, maintaining a clean and efficient irrigation system is paramount to crop health and successful harvests. However, most individuals don’t know the proper preventative care methods for these devices. For your convenience, here are three tips for cleaning your irrigation equipment.

Provide Monthly Maintenance

The best way to maintain a clean irrigation system is by conducting monthly equipment inspections. These regularly-scheduled investigations help prevent larger issues from occurring. Plus, monthly checks reduce the amount of debris you must clean from your irrigation devices. During your maintenance session, look out for signs of damage, including leaks, clogs, and broken components (i.e., sprinkler heads). If you notice a significant problem, rectify the issue as soon as possible to mitigate the impact.

Check Your Valves

One component within an irrigation system that people often neglect when it comes to cleaning is the valve. Valves help regulate the flow of water and prevent backflow from occurring—they’re essential elements that maintain the functionality of your irrigation equipment. However, as with other components, valves require regular cleaning. When conducting your monthly inspection, check your valves for clogs, corrosion, and debris.

Flush Your System

Flushing your irrigation system is an important method for cleaning out debris and other blockages. It’s applicable to both residential and commercial irrigation equipment and is straightforward to conduct successfully. A mixture of sulphuric, nitric, and phosphoric acid is powerful enough to flush your system in just over an hour—apply this concoction to your pipes, then re-flush your lines with clean water to remove residual acid. Using this technique can help improve irrigation efficiency and water distribution.

Use these three tips and techniques for cleaning your irrigation equipment to ensure a more successful and easier process. If you notice damage to your devices during your cleaning session, consider hiring professionals to rectify the problem quickly and effectively.

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