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Top Tricks To Repair Hairline Asphalt Cracks in Pavement

Top Tricks To Repair Hairline Asphalt Cracks in Pavement

Asphalt is a relatively rugged material that can manage to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure constantly and in extreme weather conditions. It tends to harden more over time, but its weaknesses are that it can crumble from the edges and that cracks and holes in it tend to grow over time.

That’s why it needs regular maintenance to prevent this phenomenon from worsening. Here are some of the top tricks to repair hairline asphalt cracks in pavement before they worsen.

Move All Dust and Debris

If you don’t clean your work area before starting a job, you could injure yourself. On top of that, someone else could get injured as well. Furthermore, the road or lot you’re working on will still look run down if you don’t move the dust and debris. You’ll want a fresh finish.

You’ll Need Cold Asphalt Patching

If you use cold patching, it will cure faster and expand more, allowing it to fill the cracks and harden quickly. This means you can get more work done and fill other holes while adjusting the pavement, to begin with.

Make Sure You’re Generous

When you apply your patching material, ensure you’re not skimping with it in the cracks. It will expand, but you want enough inside the cracks so that they don’t re-form if the ground erodes or shifts more. This allows the patching material to hold together like glue.

Tamp It Down Well

Make sure you apply force when tamping it down with a flat surface. After you fill your holes, tamp each crack until it levels as it continues to establish itself. This will ensure that it will remain level with the pavement, and you won’t have bumps on its surface. This is especially important if you’re considering painting your parking lot or road later on.

Allow the Material To Cure

You’ll need to make sure not to drive or walk over your patches for at least 24 hours so that they cure. The drying process happens rather fast. Once the patch material cures, it solidifies and becomes a part of the pavement, molding everything together. So put up a sign to let others know.

These are the steps for how to effectively repair hairline asphalt fractures and cracks in the pavement. Follow these steps when making your repairs, and you’ll always be happy with the results.

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