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Security Measures Any Commercial Warehouse Should Have

Security Measures Any Commercial Warehouse Should Have

Commercial warehouses and manufacturing locations are complex buildings with many moving parts and people. Without the right safety and security equipment, accidents and incidents could go unnoticed. Create a safe environment protected from accidents and theft with these security measures and tools every commercial warehouse should have.

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are crucial for promoting safety on any commercial site, including warehouses. You should install surveillance systems and security cameras around multiple areas of your property, including inside and outside your warehouse. This allows you to monitor internal and external threats to your employees’ safety. Surveillance cameras also allow you to monitor how your employees handle products, work efficiency, and other important business factors.

Automatic or Manual Gates

Manual or automatic gates can help control the flow of traffic to your business or warehouse, but they can also deter thieves and criminals. Adding a gate at your property entrance or at the entrance to your warehouse provides an additional layer of security than a traditional door or security system. Manual gates usually require an in-person operator, key, and knowledge of how to operate the gate. Automatic gates are even more secure because they don’t require an attendant to operate them. Utilize a key card or code system to allow employees and relevant parties entry and keep everyone else out.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems help deter thieves, criminals, and unqualified persons from entering your property and warehouse. Alarms are especially helpful when no one is present at your work site to screen visitors and protect your entrance. Many alarm systems send instant notifications to local authorities when your alarm triggers and you suspect someone has entered your building. This allows you to connect with the right parties at the right time to prevent damage, theft, and other crimes from occurring when you’re not around.

Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios allow employees to communicate about procedure updates throughout the day. They provide quick and efficient communication. Clear and quick communication is especially important during emergency situations and security breaches. Your entire staff can stay informed and updated during these situations. Just make sure you train your employees in how to operate and maintain these systems. Maintaining a radio’s battery is especially important at this time of year, when the temperatures start to drop.

Don’t let your commercial warehouse become the target of thefts and other crimes. Utilize these security technologies that every commercial warehouse should have to protect your employees and products.

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