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How To Prevent Your Flag Colors From Fading

How To Prevent Your Flag Colors From Fading

When you hang your flag on your flagpole outside your business or home, you want its design to look as bright as it did the day you purchased it. No one can fight the effects of time and aging, but you can do your best to delay them. Here are some methods to prevent your flag colors from fading.

Spray It With UV Protection

One way you can prolong the inevitable is to use helpful chemicals. You can purchase a fabric protectant spray that will block ultraviolet rays from damaging your flag. Although you might be afraid that the spray will damage the flag or change its colors, the right one will help keep its appearance strong.

Set It in the Shade

Another way to prevent your flag colors from fadingis to hang your flag in a shaded area. If you put it in a place where direct sunlight constantly hits it, its colors will fade much faster. Instead, you should position the flag in an area where it receives shade during the day. Then, the colors will last much longer.

Watch the Weather

Keeping your flag out of bad weather is also a good idea. Not only can nasty weather impact your flag’s colors, but it can also cause other serious damage, including rips. Before hanging your flag, you should look at the forecast to ensure you’re not positioning it to suffer harmful damage.

Keep Your Flag Clean

You also must regularly clean and maintain your flag to prevent it from fading. If your flag is nylon and polyester, you can put it in your washing machine by itself or soak it in warm water and soap. If you have an indoor flag made of cotton, you should probably have professionals dry clean it flag since manufacturers often don’t intend such flags to endure runs in a washer.

With these tips, you’ll better take care of your flag and have a good chance of keeping it looking as fresh and new as it did when it came out of the manufacturing plant. Your home or business will also have a flag that brightens its appearance.’

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