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3 Aftermarket Additions To Consider for Your Off-Roader

3 Aftermarket Additions To Consider for Your Off-Roader

Are you looking to increase the character, reliability, and performance of your 4×4? Luckily, improving your automobile isn’t always a tricky and expensive undertaking. For your convenience, here are three aftermarket additions and modifications to consider for your off-roader.

Upgraded/Additional Skid Plates

Most new off-roading vehicles—specifically brands that cater to motorsport enthusiasts—feature upgraded packages that include stronger skid plates. These components attach to the bottom of the 4×4 and help safeguard exposed parts from scratches and related damage. However, factory skid plates aren’t always the most reliable, and older models often lack these additions altogether.

As such, purchasing and installing aftermarket skid plates from reputable, well-rated distributors is highly recommended. Avoid products made from steel – instead, consider aluminum or UHMW plastic-based skid plates to ensure the most protection.

Boosted Lighting

Upgrading your off-roader’s lighting systems won’t boost its performance, but it’s a practical addition that increases off-roading safety and makes night-time navigation on tricky terrain far easier.

A quick and affordable way to boost the intensity of your lights is by installing a light bar. This product rests on or over the roof of your 4×4, providing high-lumen LED lighting with a superior range. Since these bars use LED technology, they don’t require an exorbitant amount of batteries to operate properly.

Air Intakes

Modifying your vehicle’s air intake system helps protect the engine from flooding, clogging, and moisture exposure. Air intake snorkels are special parts that allow motors to draw clean oxygen while partially submerged underwater. Snorkels are typically purchased by off-roaders who plan to cross bodies of water during their excursion. However, even heavy rainfall can jeopardize the functionality of under-the-hood equipment. Consider upgrading your air intake system and parts to ensure your 4×4 remains operational regardless of the environment and weather conditions.

Consider these three aftermarket additions for your off-roader to ensure your next wild adventure is safe and enjoyable. Remember that, as with any modifications to your vehicle, it’s important to check the specifics of your warranty before making changes.

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