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Things You Must Know Before Traveling To the South

Things You Must Know Before Traveling To the South

Traveling is a blast. However, traveling down south in the U.S. is an experience you’ll never forget. If you’re from the North, East, or West coast, you may not be prepared for the culture, cuisine, or people. That’s what we’re here to help you with. Check out these things you must know before you travel down south. We hope you enjoy your time there!

Find Somewhere To Eat

Whether you’re heading to a steakhouse in Tennessee for some ribs or the French Quarter of New Orleans for some crawfish, you must prepare for the local cuisine. Look for some local food places that you can indulge in. Go with a few friends and check out places you normally wouldn’t. Talk to some locals to determine where the right place to eat might be. Check for Airbnbs near various restaurants and see what you find. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

Prepare for the Heat

The south is scorching. Think about it. They spend most of their time hovering close to the equator. In the summer, the temperature could be anywhere from 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure you wear sunscreen and the proper attire, and inquire if your hotel has adequate air conditioning. Consider including a sunhat, sun dresses, and lip balm in your suitcase; you won’t regret it. Keep your health and wellness in mind. The temperatures can be too much for you, especially if you come from northern states, so seek shelter immediately if you notice any dizziness or other sunstroke symptoms. These are all very real things that can occur. You have to prepare for this before you travel down south.

Reciprocate Southern Hospitality

Southern hospitality is a very real phenomenon. People down south tend to be friendlier, well-adjusted, and easygoing. Make sure you return smiles, handshakes, and hugs. If you’re invited somewhere you didn’t expect, show up anyway. You’re likely to make friends and learn more about the surrounding area. Overall, following these points will help you make the most of your experience in the south.

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