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Things To Know Before Working on an Oil Rig

Things To Know Before Working on an Oil Rig

Choosing a career path that offers balance and a decent salary can be challenging. In this article, we discuss a few things you should know before you begin working on an oil rig. While many people may consider it a dirty job, the payoff can be worthwhile.

Living Quarters Are Not Lavish

The quality of living quarters doesn’t mean much to some workers because they will spend most of their time on the rig and only need a safe place to rest. But it’s critical to note that sometimes, the quarters are small, hard to navigate, and will seldom mirror the comfort of individual homes. Prepare yourself mentally for a safe, dry place to rest between working hours, and leave it at that.

Time Off Perks Can Vary

There are a lot of factors at play that affect how much time off you will have. As a general guideline, rig workers can expect to have a week or two off at a time, then return to the rig location for an extended period. This balance serves workers well when they have variable lifestyles to tend to and need to split their time accordingly.

Job Demands Can Be Dirty

There aren’t many parts of an oil rig that are clean, and this is worth knowing before heading out to work on an oil rig because it can come as a shock to rookies. The amount of dirt and grime you may encounter can boggle your mind. In addition to the rig itself and basic duties being messy, the tools and equipment used require their fair share of care and maintenance to perform the tasks necessary.

An Established Home Life May Suffer

With the demands of most oil rigs requiring workers to remain on-site or near the rig’s location for extended periods, established home life may suffer. While the take-home pay of a rig worker often makes the career worthwhile, the variable scheduling can lead to friction or, ultimately, separation within an existing home structure.

Daily Life May Be Challenging, But the Pay Make It Worthwhile

The day-to-day demands on the job and challenges that arise are unique and undoubtedly taxing. Only highly trained and skilled individuals can withstand these duties day in and day out. All struggles aside, the pay for most rig workers is worthwhile and usually a top reason that people choose this career path. It’s worth noting before working on an oil rig that pay rates can fluctuate based on experience, position, and demands.

The job may be dirty, but it’s worth considering for people who are seeking a solid line of work. Hopefully, this article helps you understand some basics about the role and how to navigate some of the daily expectations.

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