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3 Ways To Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

3 Ways To Make Your Wheelchair More Comfortable

You don’t have to settle for the performance you see from a wheelchair when it arrives. Whether the seat isn’t comfortable or you need a better footrest, you have ample control over what your wheelchair can do. After all, this chair should be supporting you throughout the day, not hindering you. Try these ways to make your wheelchair more comfortable to see how easy it is to make the equipment and the experience more personalized.

Seek Easy Adjustability

Adjustability in a wheelchair is critical because it provides an easy solution to discomfort if your chair isn’t providing proper support. Wheelchairs come in a wide variety, and they’re not all equally adjustable. Some chairs will feature adjustable settings, including seat height, back angle, and more. Thanks to this flexibility, you can fine-tune your wheelchair whenever you want instead of having to invest in new chair parts.

Explore Additional Accessories

Not having to rely on new wheelchair parts is convenient, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore additional accessories entirely. Wheelchairs have been around for quite some time, and in that time, many materials have arrived to make the experience more convenient.

Attachable storage solutions provide a way to secure and access more items on the go, from water bottles to keys and beyond. Plus, new wheelchair cushions come in handy if you need a bit more support while you ride the chair. There are various details to consider when shopping for wheelchair cushions, but knowing them will help you find a suitable fit. Don’t settle for discomfort; solutions are available to optimize your wheelchair quickly.

Consider Your Clothing

One of the most surprising ways to make your wheelchair more comfortable is to be mindful of your clothing. More specifically, if you’re feeling uncomfortable in the chair, consider if your clothes are too bulky. This is particularly pertinent when wearing big coats, hoodies, or sweaters. After adjusting the wheelchair’s fit to your dimensions, bulky clothing can clutter up the chair and make those settings less ideal. Luckily, swapping clothes can be the answer to ending your discomfort.

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