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Why Semi-Truck Drivers Should Maintain Safe Speeds

Driving a semi-truck is a lot different than driving a regular vehicle. Semi-truck drivers face additional risks that many other drivers do not. Here’s why semi-truck drivers should maintain safe speeds at all times.

Avoid Accidents

Avoiding accidents is the first reason that truckers should maintain safe speeds when driving. Accidents are far more likely to happen on busier roads and when people aren’t paying attention to the speed limit. Speed limits are there for a reason, and it’s for the public safety of all drivers.

If the posted speed limit is 50 MPH, but someone is driving 75 MPH on that road, that greatly increases the risk of a potential accident or crash. One of the main city driving tips for truckers is to maintain the speed limit and pay attention to the road. It’s essential to follow the speed limit on all roadways, but be especially mindful on busier urban roads to avoid any hazards and dangers.

Complete Turns

It’s also important that truck drivers drive at safe speeds so they can complete turns. Making a turn is more challenging in a semi-truck than in any other type of vehicle. These trucks are long, wide, and tall, making turns a hazardous if you don’t slow down. If you take a turn too fast, you can risk toppling or crashing, which you want to avoid at all costs. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention to posted speed limits and to slow down to an appropriate speed when you know a turn is coming.

Stop Safely

Stopping safely is another essential reason that semi-truck drivers should drive within the speed limit. Trucks need a lot more space to slow down than the average vehicle. For example, semi-trucks need about the length of two football fields to slow down for a stop. There is a lot more weight and momentum behind a truck that needs the appropriate amount of time to slow down before coming to a full stop at a stop sign or traffic light. You should especially pay attention to this when weather conditions like rain or snow are present.

Now that you know the reasons truckers should drive at a safe speed limit, you can make sure to pay close attention to your speed. The more precautions you take while driving your semi-truck, the safer you will be on the roads.

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