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How To Choose a Spray Foam Rig for Your Business

How To Choose a Spray Foam Rig for Your Business

If you’re just starting your spray foam business and need to purchase a rig, there are a few considerations you should make first. There are many models and styles on the market, so make sure you follow these tips to choose the best spray foam rig for your business.

Type of Rig You Need

When it comes to spray foam rigs, there are several types to choose from based on your business’s services and specialties. Some spray foam rigs provide equipment for completing concrete lifting using spray polyurethane foam. Others offer options for spray foam insulation applications. There are also spray foam rigs that are suitable for both practices. Before deciding on a rig, inspect the equipment carefully and choose the model with the best tools for your business’s services and applications.

High Pressure or Low Pressure

If you select a spray foam insulation rig specifically, you may also have to choose between high-pressure and low-pressure rigs. High-pressure spray foam systems feature a much stronger foam application rate than low-pressure rigs. This is ideal for certain insulation applications, such as applying insulation to large buildings and warehouses. However, low-pressure spray foam systems can be easier to use and are ideal for smaller-scale applications where you won’t need a high spray rate.

New Versus Used Spray Foam Rigs

Finally, while browsing spray foam rigs locally and online, you’ll come across both new and used models. If you’re looking for a rig that is fresh off the manufacturing line and comes with all the necessary equipment, you may want to consider investing in a brand-new model.

If you must follow a strict budget for your business but still want to upgrade your equipment for upcoming jobs, investing in a used spray foam rig can be a fantastic way to do both. Be sure to buy your used equipment from a reliable supplier who can provide a service log, so you know the equipment’s exact condition. Asking for a service log is one of several important questions to ask before buying a used rig.

Don’t make the mistake of selecting the wrong rig for your business—remember these tips to choose the right spray foam rig.

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