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Top 3 Great Ways To Increase Door Security

Top 3 Great Ways To Increase Door Security

Your door is your first defense when it comes to security. Because of this, you must ensure it’s as secure as possible. There are many reasons for this, the most obvious of which is to keep intruders out. If your door is easy to break into, you don’t have much chance of holding onto your valuables or keeping your family safe. There are some instances where you need to consider replacing your front door altogether. It’s a valid option and one you should take advantage of if you can. An alternative option would be to secure your current door. We’ll show you how to do just that by showing you three great ways to increase door security below.

Replace Your Old Frame

If you have an old frame, think about replacing it. Door frames wear over time as you continually open and close them. This constant swaying motion is bound to loosen and tug at the screws that attach to the house. If you see signs of cracking, shifting, or splitting, it may be time to get a new frame. While getting a new door is the most practical option, you could also get some hardwood from a store that specializes in home improvement. Replace the old softwood with new hardwood. If you want some added security, use a reinforcement kit to make your deadbolt—you should also have one of these—more secure.

Get a Deadbolt and Chain

Installing a deadbolt is an excellent way to enhance security. You can consider a grade 1 commercial deadbolt typically used for industrial applications. They’re the strongest bolts out there. Grade 2 is perfect for most residential homes, though. A deadbolt is so important because it’s easy for an intruder to push past and enter your home without one. The deadbolt can usually stop this scenario in its tracks. After looking in the keyhole and opening the door, your intruder still has to break the deadbolt and chain combination. This hassle could make an intruder think twice about entering your home.

Security Cameras

Security cameras above your front door are lifesavers. If you hear a strange noise outside your door, you can use an app on your phone to see what it might be without getting in harm’s way. In tandem with a peephole and deadbolt, this extra layer of safety is a great way to increase door security. Forewarned is forearmed, and security cameras offer the best warning you could get. Overall, we hope you take our tips to heart. You may pay a bit extra out of pocket, but you’ll also potentially save a life.

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