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Best Tips for Keeping Your Jeep Interior Clean

Best Tips for Keeping Your Jeep Interior Clean

Every Jeep owner knows the importance of keeping their Jeep exterior clean. Whether you kick up mud, dust, or general road debris, anything caked onto the outside of your vehicle can mess up your paint job.

Your Jeep’s interior matters just as much, and it can get just as dirty if you don’t give it proper attention. With that, read on to find out the best tips for keeping your Jeep interior clean.

Use Floor Mats

One of the dirtiest areas inside any Jeep is the floor. Your shoes, any special gear you carry, and kicked-up debris from the trail can dump a lot of dirt, mud, sticks, leaves, and other items on the floor.

Floor mats protect your Jeep’s carpeting and make clean-up much easier, which is why they’re some of the most important interior accessories your Jeep should have. They keep liquids contained and prevent solids from getting smashed into the carpet; look for a floor mat with high edges and an easy-to-clean material you can simply hose down.

Clean the Dashboard, Center Console, and Door Panels

The dashboard is one area of the car that looks nice until you notice all the dirt and dust accumulated on it. The process for cleaning the dashboard works well for the center console and door panels, too.

Start by vacuuming the dashboard, center console, and door panels to remove abrasive materials. Then, wipe the surface with a clean microfiber cloth and a gentle cleaning solution. For more stubborn areas, such as sticky spots in cupholders, leave the solution on the mess for a few minutes before wiping.

A microfiber cloth won’t clean narrow spaces such as the air vents and control knobs very well. Gently dust these areas with a detailing brush.

Finally, apply a polish to make everything gleam. Spot test an inconspicuous area to make sure the solution works well on your Jeep, then apply to your dashboard, console, and door panels using a microfiber cloth.

Get Organized

One crucial tip for keeping your Jeep interior clean is to get organized with storage solutions. Depending on your passengers’ needs and how you use your Jeep, the best organizational tools can range from ways to keep toys in one place to how to pack the most items for an off-road trip.

Avoid letting items accumulate by grabbing anything that doesn’t belong and bringing them into the house every time you come home. Pack it in, pack it out.

Trunk storage bags and interior cargo racks make the most of the vertical space in the back of your Jeep. You’ll be able to pack up what you need for your trip and find it quickly when you reach your destination.

Keep small items such as cell phones, snacks, and sunglasses organized in car seat organizers that hang from the back of a front row seat. Having a place to keep small items will help keep clutter from taking over the cabin.

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