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4 Ways That Small Farms Can Reduce Costs

4 Ways That Small Farms Can Reduce Costs

Owning a small farm can be costly, especially if the market isn’t currently in your favor. If you’re looking for ways that your small farm can reduce costs so you can spend less and profit more, here are a few ideas.

Tune Your Equipment

You don’t need to buy the newest, costliest equipment on the market to get top-notch performance. You can make even your oldest and cheapest farm vehicles work more efficiently by tinkering with their ECU. Tuning allows you to adjust the parameters of your vehicles’ engines to optimize speed, power, and fuel efficiency, ensuring you can accomplish more while spending less on fuel and maintenance. While DIY tuning is difficult when you’ve tackled it before, a qualified ECU specialist can tune your tractors, harvesters, and more for an affordable price.

Make Use of Waste

Another way that your small farm can reduce costs is by making use of waste. For example, you don’t have to throw away your leftovers after a hearty dinner; instead, place them in a compost bin to make fertilizer for your crops. You can even rake and shred the leaves that fall from the trees for high-quality, homemade mulch. Additionally, the weeds you yanked from your field may look unappetizing to you, but animals such as cows and goats see them as delectable treats. By creatively utilizing waste, you can save money on fertilizer, feed, and more!

Consolidate Your Seed Purchases

Finding the right supplier isn’t always easy. Many farmers purchase their seeds from more than one to secure the best deals. While it may seem like you’re getting a good deal on the surface, jumping between suppliers may be costing you.

For one, each supplier’s seeds will be of a different quality, resulting in an inconsistent harvest with a mix of quality crops and duds. Secondly, by jumping from seller to seller, it’s hard to form relationships with any one supplier. When you have an excellent working relationship with a single supplier, they’ll often offer discounts and other perks, saving you money. So, consider finding a business you like and sticking with them.

Purchase, Don’t Lease

Not everyone can afford to buy their land. But if you can, now might be the time to take the leap. Rent prices for farmland are on the rise, making purchasing the more financially sound option, even in the short term. By purchasing your land, you’ll eliminate monthly rent costs, gain more autonomy over how you use your land, and enjoy other perks, such as ever-growing equity.

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