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Tips for Displaying Your Flag With Honor and Pride

Whether you’re a veteran, know a loved one on active duty, or want to show appreciation for your country, displaying your nation’s flag is an honorable action. However, it’s also one that comes with rules to follow. You’ll want to preserve your flag against damage, but you also want to show how much you love what your country has done for you. Here are a few tips for displaying your nation’s flag with honor and pride.

Follow the US Flag Code

Before you display your flag, you’ll need to glance through the US Flag Code rules to ensure you don’t show disrespect. The US Flag Code is a guide for handling and displaying your flag, consisting of tips and practices that help with preservation and care.

Some US Flag Code rules include never displaying the union upside-down except as a signal of dire distress, never allowing your flag to touch the ground, floor, or water, and never carrying the flag flat or horizontally. Respecting your flag should always be your top priority.

Find the Perfect Flagpole

Proudly displaying your flag on your front lawn shouldn’t be a challenge. You can rely on residential flagpoles that hold up against weather and last for many years.

When picking residential flagpoles, you want to consider the size, height, material, colors, and finish that aesthetically and physically hold up against time. Whether you prefer a one-piece tapered aluminum flagpole or a sectional flagpole, you’ll want to choose a functional one that follows Homeowners Association rules and is worth the investment.

Accent With Landscaping and Flowers

If you recently installed a flagpole on your property, you could improve the visual aesthetic by landscaping to accent your flag display. Some low-maintenance landscaping for your front yard involves picking the right plants, such as native flowers and drought-tolerant trees. Every time your neighbors pass by your home, they’ll notice the beautiful flora you’ve placed around your patriotic symbol.

Illuminate Your Flag at Night

While the Flag Code states that American flags can only fly from sunrise to sunset on stationary flagstaffs or buildings, there are patriotic events that allow you to fly your flag for 24 hours. However, the only way to keep your flag displayed at night is by keeping it illuminated.

Residential and commercial flag displays must use a good light source that makes it easy for onlookers to recognize the patriotic symbol. Lighting sources like solar-powered flagpole lights allow for easy display and won’t go against Flag Code.

When your heart is filled with pride and appreciation for your country, you want to display it for the world to see. With these tips in mind, you’ll have a beautifully displayed flag that appreciators will respect.

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