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Reasons Why You Need To Learn How To Sight-Read

Reasons Why You Need To Learn How To Sight-Read

If you’re a novice musician at the very beginning of your musical study in the instrument of your choice, then you need to know about sight-reading. Sight-reading is the skill that lets you read music right from the sheet. Those who have practiced this skill diligently can usually play an entirely new piece of music without even practicing. If you want to improve your study and grow as a musician, you should find out the reasons why you need to learn how to sight-read.

You Truly Learn

Many people who have a passion for learning music pick up their instruments and begin by memorizing musical pieces. While that’s a great place to start, memorization doesn’t allow you to truly learn the subject material. Imagine how challenging it would be to memorize every book you’ve ever read and learn the language as you read each page. That doesn’t seem like the best way to learn, but it’s how many people learn an instrument.

It Takes You Further

It helps to think about sight-reading like a pair of glasses; without it, you wouldn’t be able to see that well, making doing anything quite difficult. That’s one of the most crucial reasons you need to learn how to sight-read, as you can conquer new pieces of music and move on to increasingly difficult ones.

If you choose to memorize music, you’re mostly just parroting back that information. And if you continue to practice this way, it’ll take quite a while to progress. Sight-reading takes memorization completely out of the equation and provides you with the tools you need to go the distance.

You Can Play Whenever You Want

You have likely imagined yourself having the ability to play any piece of music that comes your way. With sight-reading, you can do just that. For example, a popular instrument people try to learn is the piano, but unfortunately, many don’t make it far. One of the many benefits of sight-reading when playing the piano is that you can play whatever you want, whenever you want. As you continue to hone your skills, you’ll find it easy to pick up a piece of music and play it right off the bat.

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