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Enriching Activities Your Daycare Should Have

Enriching Activities Your Daycare Should Have

Whether you own or work in a daycare, you know how important a place it is for the children in your care. Consider the fact that daycare is one of the first introductions children have to the world in a community setting. You want to do everything possible to ensure this experience is as positive and enriching as possible. That comes with a lot of responsibility, so consider including some of these enriching activities in your daycare.


You might think cooking is an odd activity for preschoolers, but it’s exceptionally dynamic. That’s because cooking helps introduce the children to many subjects they will delve into in the future.

For example, when you incorporate cooking as an activity, your kids will learn about nutrition, various foods, math, sciences, and vocabulary. Moreover, this activity helps build confidence by allowing the kids to take the lead and make their own meals.

Sensory Room

Sensory rooms are a relatively new enriching activity found in daycares, but it’s an incredibly useful thing you should have. As you know, temper tantrums are quite common in your line of work, and it can become a challenge attempting to calm down your children.

That’s why one of the main reasons your daycare needs a sensory room is because it’s a great way to teach children emotional regulation. They can head to the sensory room whenever they feel overwhelmed, put on a weighted blanket, jump on a trampoline, or sit in a dark area to calm down.

Music Time

We all know how naturally children take to music as they enjoy listening to it, making it, and dancing to it. Music allows children the freedom to express themselves, which helps encourage creative thinking. As such, consider including a music hour where you allow the children to play easy instruments like a kazoo or dance to their favorite songs of the week.

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