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Ways You Can Make Your Office Building Safer

Ways You Can Make Your Office Building Safer

As a business owner, safety should be a top priority for you and your employees. You must take certain steps to protect your building and its occupants from hazards. From installing security systems to creating an emergency plan, there are many things you can do to keep your business secure. In this blog post, we’ll get into the top ways to make your office building safer.

Utilize Security Systems

Installing surveillance cameras around your building is a great way to ensure its protection. By monitoring the inside and outside of your building, you have a better chance of catching vandals or any other potential threats before they cause damage. Additionally, you can use surveillance cameras to monitor the activities within and surrounding your property, providing a deterrent for unwanted behaviors.

Consider pairing your cameras with emergency lights and an alarm system for added protection. Emergency lighting helps clearly illuminate areas around the building in case of a break-in. Moreover, an alarm system alerts you to any suspicious activity.

Keep Floors Flat and Clear

The floors of your building should remain flat and clear of slip and trip hazards. Check the interior of your building for any potential trip hazards, such as loose carpeting and uneven flooring, and correct them immediately.

Additionally, inspect the exterior for potholes in the parking lot and uneven sidewalk areas. If paved areas, such as sidewalks, are uneven surrounding your building, employees could trip on their way into the office. Luckily, you can easily level out walkways by using a surface grinding machine. This equipment grinds layers of concrete or asphalt to level out a surface.

Develop an Emergency Safety Plan

Without a plan, it can be difficult to respond quickly and efficiently should something unexpected occur. Your emergency plan should include detailed instructions on how your staff will react during emergencies such as fires or natural disasters. Additionally, you should create an escape plan for an efficient evacuation. Establish a designated spot within the building for employees to go during emergencies such as tornados, as going outside is dangerous.

Communicate Safety Guidelines to Staff

The final way to make your office building safer is to create a written copy of safety protocols, procedures, and regulations. This worksheet should cover what to do in varying emergency situations ranging from natural disasters to robberies. After completing this document, hold regular meetings to review it with your team. Finally, save the document to a cloud-based software such as OneDrive so workers always have easy access.

It’s also important to hold regular safety courses to keep your employees informed of the latest protocols. This course should cover all necessary topics, such as emergency evacuation plans, hazardous materials disposal, use of protective equipment, and more. Enforcing these guidelines will make the work environment safer for everyone.

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